How long does hair transplant surgery last?

If you’ve recently had a hair transplant procedure done, you’re probably wondering how long it will last before you have to go back to your doctor and have them redo the whole thing. We may have some good news for you. Keep on reading to know more about the long term effects of a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Procedures

If the procedure is done by a trained and experienced hair transplant specialist, it can surely last a lifetime. That’s because the genetic tendency for hair loss exists in the follicles and not on the scalp. The procedure of hair transplant is that it takes healthy follicles and “transplant” them to the thinning or bald areas of your head. If the baldness is hereditary, the hair will maintain the same characteristics from where it was taken, regardless of the placement on your scalp. This is why hair transplant is the only suggested solution for hair loss that is permanent. But there’s still no guarantee.

However, there is a limit to what can be done in a single procedure. Most patients consider having multiple procedures done to achieve their desired hair density. Although, this doesn’t affect the hair that was initially transplanted-it just boosts it.

While various methods are available, all transplant procedures involve taking skin from where hair can be harvested on the scalp and graft it to the area where the thinning or bald areas are. Most of the procedures are successful, although it can take nine (9) months before the new hair starts to grow. It is not really uncommon if the transplanted hair starts falling out after quite a few months and then regrow.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Your scalp may feel quite sensitive after the hair transplant procedure. It may be necessary to wear bandages for a couple of days, and if your doctor prescribes any pain medication, antibiotics or any anti-inflammatory medicines, you must take them as scheduled and prescribed.

The transplanted area must at all times be shielded from the sun, try considering to shampoo in 2 days after the surgery, if you’re not comfortable with the idea, it is best that you consult your doctor before you take any actions. Although, some doctors would prefer and suggest that you shampoo the day after the procedure is done because it’s important to prevent scabs from forming.

Factors To Consider

The cost of having a hair transplant procedure done can be medium to very high, and there is the risk of it not being successful. Also, you have to take into account the other factors if you’re considering a hair transplant like the medications needed after the procedure is done, the cost of travel to where your surgery will take place, and most importantly, the recovery time.

Anyway, once the hair starts growing, it would definitely look natural because the hair that was transplanted is in the same location where your hair would normally grow. Now if you’re worried about scars, they’re likely to be permanent. However, most of them will be covered by the new hair and will be less likely visible. Just be patient – improvements may take a year or so, but definitely with great results.

If you are really interested in getting a hair transplant procedure done, you should take time in researching about the subject and also take your time in looking and choosing for a very skilled and experienced specialist to perform the procedure for you. Because once you’re on that surgery table, there’s no turning back.

Hair transplants can last a lifetime depending on how you take care of it. Just follow your doctor’s prescriptions and advice, you should be good to go. Just remember, everything that you think might help it last longer must be consulted with your physician. Don’t take the matter into your own hands. Trust your doctor.

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