Protein Shakes and Their Effects on Hair Loss

Protein Shakes are a common thing for people to use. Whether you’re actively exercising or just looking to shave a few pounds, protein shakes are very useful.

Generally, they work best when used alongside exercise, but it is up to the individual. However, that isn’t our topic for today.

Today, we’re looking into the effects of protein shakes on your hair. Specifically, we want to learn if there is any connection to hair loss. A disturbing number of people have experienced hair loss after drinking these protein shakes. Is this merely a coincidence or is there something to these accusations?

You may wonder why a protein shake would cause hair loss. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Well, protein shakes contain more than just protein. Read on to learn what common ingredients in protein shakes may affect hair loss!

Creatine Chemical Effects

Creatine is a chemical. It is quite commonly included in protein shakes. It helps your muscles grow out faster, while also supplying you with the necessary energy and endurance to complete an intense workout.

While the chemical is very useful for you and your workout, it also builds up your testosterone levels. Testosterone produces DHT which is known to cause and accelerate male pattern baldness, or MPB.

DHT on its own will target your hair follicles and destroy them. Once a hair follicle dies, it can never be revived. DHT makes sure of this in quite a fierce manner. There are ways to stop DHT, but we’ll get to those later on.

In short, while creatine does not directly affect your hair, it does cause the production of a hormone chemical that is known to cause permanent hair loss.

This is just one of the reasons why some protein shakes cause hair loss. There are still more…


DHEA provides so many benefits to your body, that almost every single protein shake uses it. It builds up the strength in your bones and muscles, as well as boosting your immune system. Not only does DHEA increase your physical strength, but it also keeps you well and healthy.

Unfortunately, it has the same effect as creatine. It produces further testosterone which in turn produces DHT. There’s no way around this production. If you use protein shakes, you are also bound to end up with enough DHT to speed up your hair loss process by years or even decades.

The more you drink the protein shake, the more extra testosterone you will end up with. This means your hair follicles will be exposed to more DHT in a shorter period of time. We believe this to be the main cause of hair loss from protein shakes. The shake itself isn’t harmful to your body, but the side effect of increased testosterone can be.

Luckily, all hope is not yet lost!

Methods to Slow DHT

While the increased production of DHT is inevitable, you can still stop it. DHT-blocking shampoos, often referred to as hair loss shampoos are perfect for this situation!

Hair loss shampoos isolate and block DHT in your system, preventing it from damaging your hair follicles. Since the DHT can’t target your hair follicles, it doesn’t accelerate the MPB process. In fact, using DHT-blocking hair loss shampoos will slow the process whether you drink protein shakes or not!

Make sure the hair loss shampoo you buy has a label on it, stating that it is a DHT-blocker. Some hair loss shampoos are designed to rejuvenate damaged hair follicles from other factors than DHT. These will be ineffective for your situation.

Do Protein Shakes Really Cause Hair Loss?

Protein shakes do not directly impact your hair at all. However, using them increases your testosterone levels. Testosterone produces DHT which does damage to your hair follicles.

The resulting DHT will target and destroy your hair follicles. So, protein shakes may indirectly cause hair loss, thanks to this factor. This article talks about protein shakes, check out this one that talks about if weight loss causes hair loss in men and women.

So, while protein shakes are not directly harmful, you should be aware of the risk and use DHT-blocking shampoos to counteract the increased risk of MPB. The DHT-blocking hair loss shampoo will isolate the new DHT in your system and prevent it from damaging your hair follicles. So long as you remain healthy, your hair should not be affected at all!

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